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Frequently Asked Questions

What Programs Are Available for My Children?

Recreational Soccer

The primary purpose of Giles County Soccer League is to offer our recreational soccer program. We offer both spring and fall recreational soccer seasons which are open to all players of any skill level.

Club Soccer

For players who are seeking a more challenging game and wish to travel to matches across middle Tennessee, GCSL offers our club soccer program via Southern Tennessee United Soccer Club. You can learn more about STUN S.C. here.

Summer Camps

Giles County Soccer League keeps players active and learning through the summer break with our annual Summer Camp hosted by OSA Soccer Camps.


Giles County Soccer League hosts two tournaments annually. The Bobcat Bash in Memory of Riley Jenkins is our winter futsal event, and the Rotary 3v3 Summer Challenge takes place in early June. You can learn more about our tournament events here.

What is the Cost to Play?

The GCSL recreational soccer program fees are paid online at the time of registration via debit or credit card, or personal check.

  • Spring Soccer - $60
  • Fall Soccer - $60

GCSL also offers a $15 discount when any two or more players are registered , with a family maximum of $150. To receive the discount, all siblings must be registered during the same registration session.

What Age Does My Child Need to Be?

GCSL recreational soccer is open to all players of all skill levels between the ages of 3 and 18. We offer many age divisions to keep children grouped with players their own age. GCSL age groups are determined by the year the player was born in. Please visit our age group chart to understand what age division your child should play in.

How Do We Register?

GCSL only accepts online registration through our website. Online registration is fast and convenient, and also ensures the parents' email addresses are associated to the players in our registration system so parents receive communication from the league and coaches.

What Does My Child Need to Play?

All players are required to wear approved shin guards at practice and matches. Players also need to wear socks that completely cover the shin guards. Soccer cleats are not required, but are highly recommended. Cleats need to be designed for soccer, and not other sports. A soccer ball is not required, but is recommended. There are three sizes of soccer ball depending on the player's age:

  • U4 - U8: Size 3
  • U9 - U12: Size 4
  • U13 and above: Size 5

Parents should plan on having a water bottle to provide water or sports drinks at practices and matches. GCSL provides players with a jersey, shorts, and socks. 

When Will We Hear From a Coach?

The player draft is held four weeks prior to the first scheduled match-day. Within one week of the draft, you should expect to be contacted by your child's coach.

When and Where Do We Practice?

Practice times and locations are provided by your player(s) coach. GCSL Does not schedule practices, or provide fields for practice. You should expect to practice one day per week, possibly two for U12 or higher. Practice duration is generally 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

When and Where are Matches Played?

GCSL matches are played at Rotary Soccer Park in Pulaski, TN. You can find the address and additional info for Rotary Soccer Park here.

Matches are scheduled on Saturdays starting at 9AM, and generally conclude by 4PM. Matches may occasionally be scheduled on other days only for weather makeup.

U12 and higher age groups may occasionally travel to other soccer associations in order to play games. These games would normally be in either Lawrenceburg or Loretto, 

How are Teams Chosen?

GCSL uses a player draft to assign players to teams. Coaches only receive the name and gender of the players available for draft in their age group, and take turns choosing players. The draft is generally held at least three weeks prior to the first scheduled match-day.

What is Sports Engine?

Sports Engine is the platform GCSL uses to manage registration, schedules, communication, and our website. When you register a player with GCSL, you are automatically connected to our Sports Engine account. This allows us to better communicate with you through email and text message; and allows you to see your player's practice and game schedule through our website, as well as the mobile app. You can learn more about how to manage your child's soccer life with GCSL using Sports Engine by visiting the help page.

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